The agricultural fields and greenhouses of the Western Hemisphere have come to a standstill. The plants have stopped growing. The population, economy and government view this emergency lethargically. Only a handful of intrepid scientists offer what is probably the last solution to save the world. The newly gained findings of the pool of scientists are presented at a crisis conference. The result is: growth = growth back. 45% of Germany's area should become wilderness again, i.e. nature untouched by humans. This setting is where the ConferenceRegrowthGermany project begins, the final thesis of Mirella Oestreicher, a master student of Prof. Barbara Ehnes. The audience becomes participants in an absurd crisis conference that presents real products in a seemingly fictional setting. For example, buildings are to be demolished and the residents are to live in so-called DOMOs - fold-up plastic huts that are actually already on the market. The liquid tank that every person will carry on their back in the future in order to recycle their own urine into drinking water is already actually being produced. ConferenceRewaxGermany. The future fights back reduces the primacy of economic growth to absurdity and uses theatrical means to ironize society's belief in economics and science.

Die Zukunft kämpft zurück
Concept and project management: Mirella Oestreicher, Franziska Keune
Camera: Jakob Klaffs
With: Hsiu-ying Hou, Marcel Klett, Hugo Pereira, Wei Chen, Kai Dietrich, Philip Werner, Franziska Keune, Mirella Oestreicher