Zukünftige Gegenwart – Jellyland


The year is 2220. Welcome to the post-apocalyptic end-time world: Jellyland, a landmass surrounded by a huge sea of jellyfish. Form of government: dictatorship with occult sprinkles. Here, microplastics have transformed the majority of people into deformed Barbies and Kens who glorify the safety of their world as the highest good. The remaining people, on the other hand, struggle for survival in the inhospitable, desolate steppe. Through a chain of unfortunate events, both groups meet on the beach at Jellyland. In doing so, they violate applicable jelly law. But this breach of the law and the discovery of a message in a bottle that washed up from 2020 awakens in the Jellylanders unexpected, long-lost will and creative powers. Will they be able to make their last stand against Jellyland's dictates? Can their world still be saved?

Eine Produktion mit Jugendlichen des Teenpark